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IOT Based Advanced Smart Shopping Cart Using Arduino and RFID
  • Siddy
International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research(IJFMR) E-ISSN, Dept. of Avionics, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

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India is one of the world's most rapidly growing economies and is aiming to develop into a $5 trillion economy. E-commerce has certainly spread and a great deal of progress has taken place. The working class and the majority of our community prefer to go to shopping centres or supermarkets. Even if E Commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, retail sales still account for about 85% of total sales. One of the difficulties facing customers is a line-up that follows the payment process in a queue.The advanced era of technology in which the majority of customers have to wait for their shopping in the supermarket, because it takes very long time. Due to the barcode-based billing method, a significant throng on the supermarket during discount bids or weekends finds themselves in long lineups.Instead of waiting long time in a queue, the proposed method is to let the client process products directly and charge them in the trolley. After a quick scan in the carriage, customers need to add the product and when they are finished, the amount is shown in the carriage. In addition, the client can log in to the app that shows the list and amount of all the added products. The customer can pay digitally via the application once done. Thus the time spent elsewhere in long queues is reduced and they are relieved of the tediosity with bar codes scanned.