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Fast Implementation of SoWVD-based Moving Target detection algorithm
  • Zhiyong Niu,
  • Jibin Zheng,
  • Tao Su
Zhiyong Niu
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jibin Zheng
Xidian University
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Tao Su
Xidian University
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The acceleration will defocus the radar echo energy and reduce the signal to noise ratio. Second-order Wigner-Ville Distribution (SoWVD)-based detection method can estimate the accelerate speed and achieve higher detection performance. However, SoWVD suffer from huge computational burden for the computation of symmetric autocorrelation function. Comprehensively considering the operation process of SoWVD and defining an improved autocorrelation function, a frequency method for the fast implementation of SoWVD is proposed in this paper. The proposed algorithm reduces the computational complexity of SoWVD by one order of magnitude, and does not change the anti-noise performance of the algorithm.