Market Research on Laaser Diode Drivers

IXYS Colorado Laser Diode Driver Modules

IXYS sells a variety of laser diode driver modules. I have disregarded those that had potentiometer controls, large form factor, and closed design. All driver modules have mounting pads provided to mount laser diode directly to driver unless otherwise stated.

PCO-7110 Series Laser Diode Driver Module

The PCO-7110 series driver module is a compact pulsed laser diode driver designed to provide fast and high current pulses for applications needing nanosecond pulses and up to 50 A pulse output current. The PCO-7110 model comes in 6 different models, two models that may closely match with this project. Their specifications are listed in the excel sheet. The PCO-7110-40-4 laser diode driver module providing pulse currents to 40 A, fixed pulse widths of 4 ns, and at frequencies up to 50Khz. The PCO-7110-50-15 provides pulse currents to 50 A, fixed pulse widths of 15 ns, and frequencies up to 11 Khz. Both models allow for current monitoring by oscilloscope.
Output currents for PCO-7110 models are adjusted by varying applied voltage (\(V_{in}\)). Output current depends on available charge of capacitor C\({}_{PFN}\), shown in figure 2 in an equivalent circuit diagram.

PCO-7110 Fixed Pulse Width Laser Diode Driver Module