Silicon Photomultipler Investigation for Radiation Technologies

Setup Information

The Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) is operated using a few Ortec Nuclear Instrument Modules in room B309. Specifically, The model 113 preamplifier, the 570 amplifier, and the 927 Aspec MCA that has a USB port in the back of it for data collection. There are 3 SMA ports that are available to use in the front of the box (Figure 1). Currently the third SMA port is not being used but can be in the future and is okay to be left alone.
SMA port 1 is used to apply bias to the SiPM. This is to be negatively biased only. The power supply used is a BK Precision 9110. This was specifically used because it allows control of how much current the SiPM will get. In the event the cover of the box is removed, the exposed SiPM won’t be fried. The second and third SMA ports are used for signal out of the SiPM. Specifically, it is wired to read signal out of SMA port 2.