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Role of Interventional Radiology in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: A Retrospective review based on an experience in a Quaternary Care Centre.
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  • Arjun S,
  • Surya Jayaram,
  • Mayadevi Kurup ,
  • Vijay Jayakrishnan

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Arjun S
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Surya Jayaram
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Mayadevi Kurup
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Vijay Jayakrishnan
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Objective: The study aims to equip the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with the knowledge of clinical conditions that will benefit from interventional radiology, the equipment and materials that are commonly used the benefits and the complications and side effects of these techniques. Design :A single centre, retrospective cohort study Population. All obstetric and gynecological cases in which interventional radiology techniques were used Methods: Review article with examples from hospital practice from 2015 to 2021 acquired through computerized database Statistical Analysis: No statistical analysis of data was required as it was a single Centre retrospective analysis of cases. Outcome: We had a total of 35 cases, including but not limited to placenta accreta spectrum disorders ,fibroid,pelvic congestion syndrome and arteriovenous malformation ,who underwent various interventional radiological procedures ranging from embolization of uterine artery, peripheral angiography and embolization ,internal iliac artery balloon placement to ovarian vein embolization and coil insertion . Conclusion: Increased collaborative efforts between interventional radiology and gynaecology would allow for patients to be fully informed on the complete spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options available to them. Tweetable abstract: Evolving role of interventional radiology in obstetrics and gynaecology