Cool Stars 20 Proposal

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Host Institution

: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Other local Institutions who have agreed to help with the organization

: Boston University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lead scientist(s)

: Scott Wolk (SOC chair; Staff Scientist; Chandra X-ray Center/SAO/CfA).

Other local scientists who have agreed to help with the organization


  • Nancy Brickhouse (Senior Science Advisor for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics);

  • Andrea Dupree (Former AAS President, Former Associate Director, CfA Solar and Stellar Physics Division);

  • Dimitar Sasselov (Director, Harvard Origins of Life Initiative - CfA)

  • Josh Winn (Assistant Professor MIT)

  • Catherine C. Espaillat (Assistant Professor Boston University )

  • David Huenemoerder (MIT)

  • Moritz Günther (MIT)

  • Philip Muirhead (Assistant Professor Boston University )

  • Edward DeLuca (Senior Astrophysicst SAO/CfA)

  • Charlie Conroy (Assistant Professor Harvard University - CfA)

Name, address, email, fax:

Scott J. Wolk

Chandra X-Ray Center Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics 60 Garden St. MS-70 Cambridge, MA 02138 617-496-7766 (vox) 617-495-7356 (fax)

Proposed Dates of Meeting:

July 2018

Proposed Site of Meeting:

Boston/Cambridge MA.

Meeting/Facility considerations (Hotel, conference center, observatory?)

We are exploring two options on hosting the meeting.

One option is a large conference hotel

The most probable option would be to hold the meeting at the Cambridge Marriot the site of Cool Stars 10. Negotiations are not complete The dates of the meeting for purposes of the planning are July 24-28 (Monday through Friday). However the last two weeks of June are also possible.

As this was the site of Cool Stars 10, we have considerable experience in organizing meetings at these facilities and we would be able to draft LOC members who have been involved in some of those meetings. The complex includes a large \(\sim\) 10,000 ft\(^2\) Ballroom space. This would be split between Meeting space and poster space. Standard WiFi and audio and video systems are available at a cost which is scalable by the size of the meeting. They have multiple ballrooms any combination of which can serve as the poster room and multiple smaller, class size rooms. The hotel provides complimentary Wi-Fi access in public spaces. Guest rooms include: Complimentary unlimited wireless Internet access using either a laptop or hand held device that is Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g compatible and T3 hard lines. The hotel is linked to the Airport via the T (metro) which stops there. Probable cost for a meeting at this location is around $600. We are working with the AAS to see if we can cost cap at $650. (see below).

Hosting the meeting on the Boston University Campus

However as noted below room costs can be high in Boston. The second option we are exploring will be to host the meeting at BU in the George Sherman Union. This is a facility fairly similar to The conference center used in Flagstaff.

The main hall is a 12,000 square foot ballroom which can be used for a large plenary with a balcony that overlooks and is connected to the ballroom). This great, flexible space can be split into 1/3 and 2/3 to provide space for additional breakouts/functions. There is an large lounge with an outdoor terrace/patio for the posters and breaks. This location is not as ideal as the Cambridge location, but could be significantly less expensive. Most probable dates for this configuration are July 30-August 3. Probably costs at this location run about 60% those of a hotel based meeting.

Summer in New England

The Summer season lasts from mid-Ju