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  • Git Cheat Sheet



    This is a cheat sheet for common Git usage.

    Commit and Exceptions


    • check status git status

    • add files to commit git add -A

    • commit git commit -m 'msg for this commit'

    • push git commit origin branch-name


    • amending the commit message before push

      • git commit --amend to promote an editor with the original message; OR,
      • git commit --amend -m 'new commit message'
    • discard unstaged changes

      • git clean -df to first removes all untracked files if you want, and then
      • git checkout the-file-to-discard for specific file; OR
      • git checkout -- . for all files


    Create branch

    • create branch git branch branch-name

    • checkout branch git checkout branch-name

    Note: create + checkout: git checkout -b branch-name


    Create tags

    • create a local tag v0.5 git tag -a v0.5 -m 'msg for this tag'

    • push a specific tag git push origin v0.5

    • push all tags git push origin --tags

    Delete tags

    See How to delete a remote tag? @ StackOverflow

    • delete a local tag v0.5 git tag -d v0.5

    • delete a remote tag v0.5 git push --delete origin v0.5

    Show tags

    git tag or git show v0.5