Handling Non-convexity in the Equation of State of Nuclear Matter



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Colella and Glaz (1985)11This is a test

Convexity in Realistic Astrophysical Equations of State

Numerical Experiments

  • Could try not tracing the \(\gamma_{e}\). First order in time approach.

  • Zingale & Katz with UHD. Both with Helmholtz and Nuclear. But Nuclear doesn’t go down so low…

  • do Helmholtz at high density/temperature in range of Nuclear. Will need to determine the appropriate \(\sum Y_{i}\). Might be able to determine this from data in the table. If \(\bar{A}\) and \(\bar{Z}\) are available…

  • Should also try ”EOSforRiemann” approach.

  • Need to address construction of wave speeds in HLLC for general EOS (Zingale and Katz, 2015)