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  • Kullie
International Winter University

Corresponding Author:kullie@uni-kassel.de

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The measurement of the tunneling time in today’s attosecond and strong field (low-frequency) experiments, despite its controversial discussion offers a fruitful opportunity to understand the time measurement and the role of time and the time operator in quantum mechanics. In the present work we discuss our tunneling time model in relation to two time operators definitions introduced by Bauer \cite{BauerM:2017} and Aharonov-Bohm \cite{Aharonov:1961}. We found that both definitions can be generalized to the same type of time operator. Moreover, we found that the introduction of a phenomenological parameter by Bauer to fit the experimental data is unnecessary. The issue is resolved with our tunneling model by considering the correct barrier width, which avoids a misleading interpretation of the experimental data. Our analysis shows that the use of the so-called classical barrier width, precisely speaking is incorrect.