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A Correlational Study on the Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Product  Per Capita of a Country and Its COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality Rates
  • Joseph Emmanuel G. Lopez
Joseph Emmanuel G. Lopez

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Some studies had shown that there is a relationship between the state of the economy of a country and COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates. However, these studies are mostly done on countries that are already developed. This study aims to find the relationship between GDP and GDP per capita and COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates in all countries. In addition, they will also be analyzed based on their different income levels. The data collected are from databases from World Bank and WHO and are analyzed through MS Excel and JASP. Spearman’s rho is used to analyze the overall data and stratified data. It has been found that the GDP per capita and incidence (rs = .656, p < .001) and mortality rates (rs = .521, p < .001) have a strong and moderate correlation, respectively. GDP’s relationship with incidence (rs = .295, p < .001) and mortality rates (rs = .346, p < .001) resulted in both weak correlations. Stratified analysis resulted in no significant relationships, except for GDP per capita’s relationship with incidence (rs = .362, p = .011) and mortality rates (r = .348, p = .014) in low-middle countries, which yielded both weak correlations. These results show that there is indeed a relationship between the incidence and mortality rates and the economic status of a country before a pandemic, however, more factors need to be accounted for in order to help countries improve their pandemic response in the future.