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  • Direct 3D printing of sterile parts




    While most laboratories in the developed world are well-stocked with insturments and basic equipment, this is not a global universal. There are many settings in which laboratory supplies and equippment are needed, but either unavailable, unaffordable or both.

    TODO :

    • Test for growth on richer media than LB :

      • Blood, serum, chocolate agar

      • SOB

      • AYE (ACES Yeast Extract broth)

      • grow with CO2, in “candle can” + anaerobically

      • stimulate w/ known germinants to induce spore germination

      • let sit in broth on bench for a few weeks, then plate for CFU

    • Plate onto

      • LB

      • blood agar

      • fungal media (Sabouraud?)

      • chocolate, maconkey, TSA, etc agar (See above)

      • test if leeching from or PLA itself affects tissue cell culture growth, both cell lines and bone marrow derived macrophages

      • see if potential microbes can be resusitated in amoebic or other hosts

    • See if this technique can possibly be compliant with CLIA (Emily’s suggestion)



    Experiment Started Tweeted Material Part Media Time Temperature Gas Fab. facility Cult. facility Replicates Result
    Preliminary 1/23/2014 (Neches 2014, Neches 2014a, Neches 2014b) Orange PLA blob LB 96 37 aerobic UC Davis UC Davis 1 -
    First trial 1/25/2014 Orange PLA tube LB 96 37 aerobic UC Davis UC Davis 6 -

    Preliminary experiment


    A sterile glass beaker contianing roughly 20ml of LB media wa