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FPGAs in The Cloud
  • Miriam Leeser,
  • Suranga Handagala,
  • Michael Zink
Miriam Leeser

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Suranga Handagala
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Michael Zink
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As cloud computing grows,  the types of computational hardware available in the cloud are diversifying. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are a relatively new addition to high-performance computing in the cloud, with the ability to accelerate a range of different applications, and the flexibility to offer different cloud computing models. A new and growing configuration is to have the FPGAs directly connected to the network and thus reduce the latency in delivering data to processing elements. We survey the state-of-the-art in FPGAs in the cloud and present the Open Cloud Testbed (OCT), a testbed for research and experimentation into new cloud platforms, which includes network-attached FPGAs in the cloud.  
02 Nov 2021Submitted to Computing in Science and Engineering
02 Nov 2021Editor invited a reviewer
06 Nov 2021Review Report #1 received
08 Nov 2021Published in Computing in Science and Engineering
01 Nov 2021Published in Computing in Science & Engineering volume 23 issue 6 on pages 72-76. 10.1109/MCSE.2021.3127288
The article outlines an effort to build and provide to the research community an open cloud platform, specifically focusing on the use of FPGAs. There is a description of the overall design and an example of using a multi-FPGA setup for a machine learning application. This is a well-written article, accessible for a broad range of readers, very clear and clean description of the provided infrastructure, its purpose and capabilities. I think the article will generate some interest in CS&E community.   There is not much