Validation of equilibrium tools on the COMPASS tokamak

J. Havlíček, M. Komm, M. Peterka (IPP Prague)

L.C. Appel, I. Lupelli (CCFE)

J.-F. Artaud (CEA)

B. Faugeras (U. Nice)


Preliminary contents

  1. FREEBIE inverse mode calculation for a given shape, p and .
  2. Reconstruction by EFIT from FREEBIE with available diagnostics (Rogowski coils, flux loops, TS)
    • accuracy vs noise
    • accuracy vs p', ff' degrees
  3. Rapid reconstruction by EQUINOX radial basis functions
  4. Possible enhancements -- synthetic dianostics
    • MSE
    • LCFS position (e.g. probes)
  5. FREEBIE in inverse mode for COMPASS as a shape designer, scenario designer)


  1. VDE simulation compared to experiments
  2. METIS/FREEBIE comparison to experiments



We report here o