Sonali Tayal

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The host pathogen interactome can be visualized as a vast continuous network in which molecular mimicry of host proteins by pathogens constitutes a strategy to hijack the host pathways. Despite extensive work in this field, there is no dedicated resource for mimicked domains and motifs in host pathogen interactome. In this work, we collated all the data regarding the experimental host pathogen (HP) and host-host (HH) protein-protein interactions (PPIs). The domains and sequence linear motifs of the proteins were annotated using CD Search and ScanProsite. Host and pathogen proteins with a shared host interactor and similar domain/motif constitute a linear pair. A linear pair that exhibits global structural domain similarity (Domain linear pair; DLP) or local sequence motif similarity (Motif Linear Pair; MLP) has a high probability of being co-expressed and co-localized. 2,06,449 DLPs and 38,45,643 MLPs were identified in 50,812 experimental HP-PPIs and organized in a web- based resource, ImitateDB, accessible at ImitateDB provides user-friendly access to the mimicry data. It can be queried by protein UniProt ID, pathogen, domain, motif, or interaction detection method. The results are externally integrated using hyperlinked domain PSSM ID, motif ID and protein ID. Kinase, UL36, Smc and DEXDc were frequent DLP domains whereas Protein Kinase C, Casein Kinase 2, glycosylation and myristoylation sites were frequent MLP motifs. Novel DLP domains SANT, Tudor, PhoX and MLP motifs Microbodies C-terminal targeting signal, Ubiquitin-interacting motif and Lipocalin signature were proposed. ImitateDB constitutes a resource for researchers in the field of infectious diseases and microbiology.