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    Follow this official instruction to switch from Pandoc to LaTeXML backend.

    Now I have a conditional equation:

    \begin{equation} \label{eq:comp}{{\partial\Phi}\over{\partial{X_{\text{P}}}}}=\begin{cases}-78.9\text{, if }{X_{\text{P}}}<0.34,\\ -628.3\text{, if }{X_{\text{P}}}\geq 0.34\end{cases}\nonumber \\ \end{equation}

    Can this equation be displayed correctly in LaTeXML? I also want to reference Eq. (\ref{eq:comp}).

    Interesting. In an equation, if I place “\%” inside “\text{ }”, it’s still “\%”, i.e., I cannot get rid of the anti-backlash!

    Directional quotation mark: “one” and “two”.

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