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  • Muhammet Buğday,
  • serhan çimen,
  • Muhammet sulukaya,
  • murat dursun,
  • selçuk çakmak,
  • ersoy öksüz
Muhammet Buğday
Malatya Turgut Ozal Universitesi
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serhan çimen
Malatya Training and Research Hospital
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Muhammet sulukaya
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murat dursun
Bahcelievler State Hospital
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selçuk çakmak
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ersoy öksüz
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Background: The negative effects of varicocele and smoking on infertility are known. In our study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of smoking on the healing process after varicocelectomy. Methods and Materials: 378 male patients who have undergone varicocelectomy operation were included in the study. Patients were divided into three groups as non-smokers, patients who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day and patients who smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day. Semen analysis of the patients before varicocelectomy operation and three months after varicocelectomy operation were evaluated and semen volume, sperm concentration and sperm motility were evaluated according to WHO (World Health Organizations) guidelines. NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System) 2007 (Kaysville, Utah, USA) program was used for statistical analysis. Results: Patient age changed between 16 and 52 and the mean age is 27,20±6,74. When cigarette usage was evaluated, it was determined that 52,82% of patients (n=220) were non-smokers, 13,8% of patients (n=52) smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day and 28,0% of patients (n=106) smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day Improvement in sperm concentration and motility rates after varicocelectomy was determined to be lower in 10 or more cigarette smoking group compared to other groups. Conclusions: It is shown that cigarettes play a negative role in recovery process after varicocelectomy operation. Knowing that smoking negatively affects the success of the operation may contribute to patients’ quitting smoking.