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Valencia, Spain
Joined Jun 2015

Bülent Özel, as a curious scientist, calls himself a computational sociologist. His academic background combines engineering, computer science and organization theory disciplines. An engineering background provides him advanced system and architectural thinking; computer science has allowed him to acquire theories and tools to conduct and design data mining, and machine learning methods; organization theory concepts helped him to understand and employ social, managerial and behavioral aspects of complex social, economical and technological systems. He is very keen to apply and extend his experience in further scientific problems as well as business cases, where aspects of those fields merge in forms of big data. When he is not busy coding or writing papers, he practices or performs authentic jazz dances. He occasionally goes hiking, wind surfing, scuba diving and paragliding. He becomes very enthusiastic while playing soccer or tennis. He dreams that one day he will have his own glass blowing furnace. Of course, he likes to discuss politics any time.

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