Gully BurnsGully Burns

Gully Burns

Research Lead

Marina del Rey, California
Joined Jun 2015

I am primarily concerned with developing pragmatic biomedical knowledge engineering systems for scientists that (a) provide directly useful functionality in their everyday use and (b) is based on innovative, cutting edge computer science that subtlely transforms our ability to use knowledge. I was originally trained as a physicist at Imperial College in London before switching to do a Ph.D. in neuroscience at Oxford, and I think that the quantitative nature of physical theory has greatly influenced how I am trying to transform other subjects. I came to work at USC in 1997, developing the 'NeuroScholar' project in Larry Swanson's lab before joining the Information Sciences Institute in 2006. I run a group working on Biomedical Knowledge Engineering as a project leader in the ISI Intelligent Systems Division, affiliated to the Information Integration Group.


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