Abdülkadir Aydın

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Objectives: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the perspectives of the citizens ranking last in COVID-19 vaccination groups towards the vaccination process. Materials and Methods: In-depth interviews were made with the participants using video conferencing method. Twenty-eight video conferencing interviews were conducted with citizens who ranked last in the vaccination groups. With the permission of the participants, audio recording was obtained in all interviews, transcribed verbatim and checked. Thematic approach was used to analyze the data. Data were collected until saturated. Results: Findings were summarized into three main categories. The first was “Satisfaction.” Participants expressed their satisfaction about process management, home vaccinations and continuous information. The second theme was “Dissatisfaction.” Some participants expressed their dissatisfaction with the prioritization of elderly people in vaccination and late vaccination of actively working individuals. The third theme was “Reservations.” Participants stated that they have reservations regarding possible complacency in the society after vaccination and delay in vaccination of non-prioritized groups. In general, participants stated that they were satisfied with the supply of vaccines and applications. However, active working individuals think that they should have priority over the elderly in vaccination. Conclusion: To ensure full compliance with the vaccine administration, it is necessary to enlighten all individuals, especially those ranking last in the vaccination groups, about the prioritization process and which variables are given importance.