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  • VLASS MSIP planning

    This is a planning space for the VLASS MSIP. Edit sections below. Be sure to ”save and close” a section once complete.

    Section 2: Define Data Products (maps and uv data)
    Section 3: Define Data Products (Catalogs)
    Section 4: Title Suggestions

    Define Data Products

    The VLASS data products fall into two classes, the Basic Data Products (BDP) as defined in the Technical Implementation Plan (TIP) and to be delivered and served by NRAO (with the aid of the SSG where possible LR note: this is a red flag comment. (”aid”). Explain it or drop it.), and the Enhanced Data Products (EDP) which are provided by the community. NOTE LR: I have no comments for the images because this is not really the plan.

    Name Basic/Enhanced Size Description
    Raw Visibilities Basic 489 TB 16 spw * 64 ch * 4 pol per int (25 MB/s)
    Calibration tables Basic insignificant Complex gain per ant/spw/cal
    QL Continuum images Basic 29 TB T