On Collaborative Annotation & E-Learning

To Begin With...

Actually the purpose of this document is to have something to annotate/tag on the web, in order to test some tools I have found. It seems that collaborative annotation is important to E-Learning, and there are many tools around. The website eLearning Industry (http://elearningindustry.com/) lists the following free tools:

  • Diigo

  • A.nnotate - Notes on portions of text. Tags on notes. Our annotations resemble their tags. Notes can be addressed to some or all the participants. Tags can be “shared” or “private”. But without at least another user I cannot really see how these work.

  • Bounce App

  • Crocodoc

  • Markup.io

General Features of Annotation in E-Learning

  • People annotate sentences, portions of documents, etc. They do not annotate files or resources as a whole.

  • There does not seem to be the need for a shared perspective on the annotation. Each person has her/his annotations and can see what other people have done (and that they want them to see). Works more like GDocs comments.

  • Annotations are usually textual comments. What we propose is more similar to tags. In fact, in most systems annotations can be tagged.

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