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What can we learn from outliers in Cardiac Surgery?
  • Mohammad Salmasi,
  • Omar Jarral,
  • Thanos Athanasiou
Mohammad Salmasi
Imperial College London

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Omar Jarral
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Thanos Athanasiou
Imperial College London
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At a time where delivering the best quality of care is the raison d’être of the health service, outliers can pose a serious challenge to both clinicians and policy makers. Methods of outlier detection are highly variable. The collection and assimilation of outcome variables can also be very challenging. Despite this, the publication of surgeon specific data has brought the concept of outliers into the public eye and the consequent punitive action affected upon surgeons can be deleterious to clinician psychology and patient perception. Simultaneously, positive outliers are rarely mentioned and never rewarded. Moving forward, the use of more objective outcomes, including novel biomarkers and patient-centred data, as well as innovative statistical strategies and management cultures, can positively evolve the healthcare paradigm for the future.
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