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    This is a test. The citing facilities is good. I tested it :

    Blind deconvolution references:

    Superresolution references:

    Writing the equations is easy too: \(x=y^{2}\).

    \begin{equation} g(t)=\int f_{j}\exp\{-j\omega t\}\\ \end{equation}

    Using the macros seems to be more difficult.

    \begin{equation} {\textbf{g}}={\textbf{H}}{\widehat{{\textbf{f}}}}+\epsilon,{{\textbf{a}}},{{\textbf{A}}},{\scu{A}},{\widehat{{{\textbf{a}}}}}{\widehat{{{\textbf{A}}}}},{\widetilde{{{\textbf{a}}}}}{\widehat{{{\textbf{A}}}}}\\ \end{equation}


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