Anil Gokce

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Background: SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19), which was detected in December 2019, whose first cases were observed in Turkey on 11th March 2020. In the current paper, we present our experience and practices regarding thoracic surgery from the largest pandemic hospital in Europe over the 1-year period of the pandemic. Methods: Patients who were operated by our thoracic surgery clinic in the largest pandemic hospital in Europe between March 2020 and March 20121 in the Covid-19 pandemic in our country and in the world were evaluated retrospectively. Results: 85 patients were operated on during the 1-year pandemic, of which 54 (%63.5) were men and 31 (%36.5) were women. The mean patient age was 47,7. Morbidity rate was 12%. Covid-19 was not seen in any patient in our clinic during the postoperative period. Only one patient died out of those who underwent surgery. Conclusion: Thoracic surgery has one of the highest risks due to direct contact with the lungs, especially in terms of surgery and the postoperative period. We consider that this risk will be minimized by taking measures during all processes. Moreover, we think that surgical treatments should be delayed as little as possible due to the special status of oncology patients. In addition, considering that if all these rules are followed in the COVID-19 pandemic and in other types of pandemics that may occur in the future, there will be no delay or insufficiency in the treatment of patients and healthcare professionals will be able to work safely.