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Religious Heritage and Values Perfecting Peacefulness Among the Contemporary Yorùbá
  • Akintayo Sunday Olayinka
Akintayo Sunday Olayinka

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper presents the roles that religious heritage among the Yorùbá plays in sustaining their peacefulness. The Yorùbá use both formal and informal interactions to engage one another in discourses that enhance their togetherness but often faced with outside influences that can truncate their desired goals. This paper, therefore, places the Yorùbá by the established peaceful societies (PS) to see how they compare in their attitude to peacefulness and providing explanation to the Yorùbá’s effort to keep the peace despite the outside influences on their society.
Please note: The bulk of this article is taken from chapter 8 of the author's doctoral dissertation with a few amendments to suit this journal.
Keywords: Christian-Muslim relations, peace studies, Africa - Yorùbá, religious – ethics, culture – values, Covid-19.