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Is There Any Difference of Anesthesia Methods or Anesthetic Agents Prefererred for Gastric Cancer Surgery on the Survival of Patients: A Narrative Review
  • Fulya YILMAZ,
  • Koray BAS
University of Health Sciences Izmir Bozyaka Education and Research Hospital

Corresponding Author:fulya.dr@gmail.com

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Introduction:Gasrtric cancer is a major global public health problem. It is the fourth most common cancer and the second cause of cancer-related deaths worldwire. Despite advances in the field of medical and radiation oncology, surgical resection is crucial intervention and remains the mainstay the gold standard treatment. Recently, the effects of anesthesia method(s) and/or anesthetic agent(s) on survival for different types of cancers gained attention. So we want to summarize the evidences of anesthesia methods and/or anesthetic agents prefererred for gastric cancer surgery on the survival. Material-method: Web of Science software was used for the search and the analysis. To analyse scientific productivity of all scientific papers published about survival of patients due to the anesthesia methods or anesthetic agents on gastric cancer in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E) from 1980 to December 5 th, 2020; the date of the search, were searched by using the terms of “gastric cancer”, “survival” and “anesthesia” in the topic search section of the software. Results: Overall fifteeen papers were related to our topic. Four of these studies compared TIVA with general anesthesia; five of these compared general anesthesia with general anesthesia combined with epidural anesthesia/analgesia for gastric cancer, three of these studies investigated effect of anesthetic agents for gastric cells in in vitro conditions. Other publications were review on this topic. Conclusion: The important role of anesthesia in treatment of gastric cancer patients, is still controversial. Further prospective randomized studies are needed.