Research collaboration in the Cloud: Plotly and Authorea


Wikipedia and Github host code and articles. The content is produced on collaborative, web-based platforms. As of January 9, 2014, Wikipedia reports having 4,420,275 articles. GitHub recently announced having 10 million public repositories.

Plotly and Authorea, together, now provide similar platforms; ours are for research content, data analysis, graphing, and scholarly publications. We are happy to announce a partnership between Plotly and Authorea that gives you a free suite of powerful, collaborative tools for doing your analysis, graphing, coding, and publication. Authorea and Plotly, together, can power your research collaboration.

Figure 1.
A scatterplot of life expectancy by GDP per capita inspired by Hans Rosling's research. Bubble size shows country population, color coded by continent. This is not a static plot! If you hover your mouse over the data in the image above you can see the data points. If you drag your mouse, you'll zoom into the plot. Double click to zoom back out. If you click through, you can save, edit, and fork a copy. This plot was included in Authorea using the following snippet of code: <iframe id="igraph" src="" frameBorder="0" width="830" height="500" seamless="seamless" scrolling="no"></iframe>