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Reaping the benefits of open science in scholarly communication    
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  • Rosaria Ciriminna,
  • Antonino Scurria,
  • Sumalatha Gangadhar,
  • Saikiran Chandha,
  • Mario Pagliaro
Rosaria Ciriminna
Antonino Scurria
Sumalatha Gangadhar
Saikiran Chandha
Mario Pagliaro
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Regardless of multiple efforts carried out across many countries to disseminate the ideas and the practice of open science, most scholars in the early 2020s do not self-archive their research articles and do not publish research papers in preprint form. Having received no education and training on open science, researchers are often puzzled on what to do, in practice, to start reaping the benefits of open science. This study offers a succinct vademecum on how to benefit from the open science approach to scholarly communication, no matter whether in natural or in humanistic and social sciences.

Peer review status:Published

Dec 2021Published in Heliyon volume 7 issue 12 on pages e08638. 10.1016/j.heliyon.2021.e08638