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Rosaria Ciriminna and Mario Pagliaro
Open science in Italy: lessons learned en route to opening scholarship   
Rosaria Ciriminna and Mario Pagliaro
Emerging green routes to nanocellulose
Rosaria Ciriminna, Mina Gharhemani, Babak Karimi, et al.
Educating the managers of the bioeconomy
Rosaria Ciriminna, Lorenzo Albanese, Francesco Meneguzzo, et al.
Reaping the benefits of open science in scholarly communication    
Rosaria Ciriminna, Antonino Scurria, Sumalatha Gangadhar, et al.
Preprints in Chemistry: An Exploratory Analysis of Differences with Journal Articles
Mario Pagliaro
Open access publishing in chemistry: A practical perspective informing new education
Mario Pagliaro