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Collective and harmonised high throughput barcoding of insular arthropod biodiversity: toward a Genomic Observatories Network for islands
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  • Brent Emerson,
  • Paulo Borges,
  • Pedro Cardoso,
  • Peter Convey,
  • Jeremy deWaard,
  • Evan Economo,
  • Rosemary Gillespie,
  • Susan Kennedy,
  • Henrik Krehenwinkel,
  • Rudolf Meier,
  • George Roderick,
  • Dominique Strasberg,
  • Christophe Thébaud,
  • Anna Traveset,
  • Thomas Creedy,
  • Emmanouil Meramveliotakis,
  • Victor Noguerales,
  • Isaac Overcast,
  • Hélène Morlon,
  • Anna Papadopoulou​,
  • Alfried Vogler,
  • Paula Arribas,
  • Carmelo Andujar
Brent Emerson

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paulo Borges
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Pedro Cardoso
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Peter Convey
British Antarctic Survey
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Jeremy deWaard
University of Guelph
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Evan Economo
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Research Laboratories
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Rosemary Gillespie
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Susan Kennedy
University of California Berkeley
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Henrik Krehenwinkel
Universität Trier
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Rudolf Meier
National University of Singapore
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George Roderick
U.C. Berkeley
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Dominique Strasberg
UMR PVBMT, Université de La Réunion
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Christophe Thébaud
Université Paul Sabatier
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Anna Traveset
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Thomas Creedy
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Emmanouil Meramveliotakis
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Victor Noguerales
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Isaac Overcast
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Hélène Morlon
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Anna Papadopoulou​
University of Cyprus
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Alfried Vogler
Natural History Museum
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Paula Arribas
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Carmelo Andujar
The Natural History Museum of London
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Our current understanding of ecological and evolutionary processes underlying island biodiversity is heavily shaped by empirical data from plants and birds, although arthropods comprise the overwhelming majority of known animal species. This is due to inherent problems with obtaining high-quality arthropod data. Novel high throughput sequencing approaches are now emerging as powerful tools to overcome such limitations, and thus comprehensively address existing shortfalls in arthropod biodiversity data. Here we explore how, as a community, we might most effectively exploit these tools for comprehensive and comparable inventory and monitoring of insular arthropod biodiversity. We first review the strengths, limitations and potential synergies among existing approaches of high throughput barcode sequencing. We consider how this can be complemented with deep learning approaches applied to image analysis to study arthropod biodiversity. We then explore how these approaches can be implemented within the framework of an island Genomic Observatories Network (iGON) for the advancement of fundamental and applied understanding of island biodiversity. To this end, we identify seven island biology themes at the interface of ecology, evolution and conservation biology, within which collective and harmonised efforts in HTS arthropod inventory could yield significant advances in island biodiversity research.
14 Mar 2022Submitted to Molecular Ecology
14 Mar 2022Submission Checks Completed
14 Mar 2022Assigned to Editor
27 Mar 2022Reviewer(s) Assigned
25 May 2022Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
27 Jun 2022Editorial Decision: Revise Minor
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11 Aug 20221st Revision Received
19 Aug 2022Editorial Decision: Accept