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Quality of life: modified triple-branched stent graft implantation versus frozen elephant trunk technique
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  • zeng-rong luo,
  • Jia-Hui Li,
  • mirong tang,
  • Liang-Wan Chen,
  • Liang-Liang Yan
zeng-rong luo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jia-Hui Li
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mirong tang
Union Hospital, FuJian Medical University
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Liang-Wan Chen
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Liang-Liang Yan
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Background: To compare the effects of modified triple-branched stent implantation and frozen elephant trunk technique on the quality of life (QoL) of acute Stanford Type A aortic dissection (AAAD) patients at different follow-up times. Methods: Data from 175 AAAD survivors was collected which were divided into two groups according to different surgical techniques: (group A): modified triple-branched stent graft implantation; (group B): frozen elephant trunk. The SF-36 were used to assess the QoL at discharge(AD), the third postoperative month (POM3), and the twelfth postoperative month (POM12). Results: (1)The total scores at each time of both groups showed lower than the normal level; Group A scored higher than group B at some time points in terms of some items, and some items at POM3 and POM12 scored higher than at discharge. Older patients underwent modified triple-branched stent graft implantation. (2) There were less patients with heavy self-perceived burden in group A than group B and patients with heavy self-perceived burden decreased over time. (3) Young postoperative AAD patients in group B with heavy self-perceived burden, acute renal failure, long LOS and blood loss(> 1000 mL / 24h)seemed to get a worse QoL. Conclusions: The impact on QoL of the modified triple-branched stent graft implantation technique seemed to be better than those of frozen elephant trunk surgery in some items.