Orthology conjecture rotation project

The following is just a rough list of my immediate and stretch goals for the upcoming project:

Primary goals

  • use ensembl compara to determine orthologs and paralogs for zebra fish and mouse

  • Stick to pipeline outlined by Vilella et al. paper

  • use Gene ontology to obtain Biological process and Molecular function info for mouse and zebrafish?

  • use same cutoffs to include only experimentally inferred annotations

  • rework clark code and then use it on my data set

  • create similar graphs and compare results to clark paper

  • my theory: a purely mouse to zebrafish comparison should eliminate the experimental bias found in human vs mouse since mouse and zebrafish can be used for more similar experiments

Stretch goals

  • Find RNA seq data to work with (if its already out there) as a further check

  • Fully eliminate authorship bias

  • normalize measures of function similarity with respect to background similarity

  • estimate frequencies of GO terms separately for each species?

  • Find a way to incorporate phenoscape data into comparison

  • find good source of similar data for mice

  • figure out how to accurately and consistently compare features in an automated fashion

goal changes

The above goals were created in early January 2014, they changed during the course of the project. The final goals, set around early february, were:

  • Obtain a sample set of genes that relate a mouse ortholog to a set of zebrafish paralogs that resulted from the teleost duplication

  • obtain a full set of that data (possibly from Yves Van De Peer)

  • use phenoscape to obtain ontological annotations for each gene

  • use scripts from Prishanti to calculate the functional similarity between orthologs and each paralog set, as well as between the paralogs.