Proposal to join LSST at LUPM

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is a wide-field, ground-based telescope, designed to image a substantial fraction of the sky in six optical bands every few nights. It is planned to operate for a decade, starting in 2021, allowing the stacked images to detect galaxies to redshifts well beyond unity. The LSST is designed to achieve a very broad science roadmap, that can be articulated around four major science themes:

  • Probing Dark Energy and Dark Matter;

  • Taking an inventory of the Solar system;

  • Exploring the transient optical sky;

  • Mapping the Milky Way.

This document outlines the current work plan that the LSST team at LUPM is putting forward to officially join the LSST project and efficiently start their scientific and technical activities. It is intended to serve as a support to the Scientific Council of LUPM, in preparation to the review on October 1-2 2014. In the first part of the document, we summarize the LSST project, the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC), and the LSST-France activities. The second part shortly introduces the LUPM team, and we devote the third section to a presentation of the LSST project and activities at LUPM.