Curriculum Ontario Grade 5 Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Forces Acting on Structures and MechanismsLearning ObjectiveStudents will choose a famous structure to research, create and present to class Materials technology (iPads, Chromebook, laptop)informational textsBuilding Materials Students can bring in any materials from home but have some materials available for students pop sickle stickswooden dowels cardboard hot glue gunsnails/screws paint paint brushes clay pipe cleaners Lesson IntroductionDisplay different famous structures and discuss with  students what structures they know from around the world. - what makes these structures famous?- why/how did these structures become famous?Assignment In this assignment, students will choose a famous structure to research and present to the class. Students can decide whether to make a 3-D model of the structure, draw a picture of it, do a scrapbook, or make a power point presentation. Completed projects should have facts as well as images to assist in teaching and holding your classmates attention during the presentation. Information can be gathered through books, magazines, websites and even television/YouTube documentaries. Please include the following information: When was the structure built? How long did construction take? Who deigned and constructed it? What kinds of equipment or special methods were used? What materials were used and why? Were they any problems during construction? What were they? Why was the structure built? Where is it located? Extra fun facts!There are many famous structures that can be found all over the world. Structures can include bridges, towers, statues, skyscrapers, domes, lighthouses, temples, castles and even roller coasters. Feel free to choose from the list below, or find a structure of your own;Great Wall of China                 Statue of Liberty The Taj Mahal                             Ambassador Bridge CN Tower                                     The White House Empire State Building             The Colosseum Leaning Tower of Pisa             Sydney Opera HouseLesson pt 2 Allow students time to research different structures and check their success criteria to meet requirements. Meet with students to check in on their research and progress. Give students a couple days to research and then construct their famous structure. While researching students may want to build a presentation in Google Slides or Power Point, students can also create a display board for presenting their findings to the class. After students have constructed their famous structure, additional time may be needed to complete and practice their presentation.