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On normalized Laplacian, degree-Kirchhoff index of the strong prism of the dicyclobutadieno derivative of linear phenylenes
  • Jia-bao Liu,
  • Jiaojiao Gu
Jia-bao Liu
Anhui Xinhua University

Corresponding Author:liujiabaoad@163.com

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Jiaojiao Gu
Anhui Jianzhu University South Campus
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Phenylenes network is applied in several fields of chemistry sciences due to its advantages compared to other several columnar networks, recently. This paper aims to introduce a kind of networks which obtained by a family of dicyclobutadieno derivative of linear phenylene chain Ln which is made up of n hexagons and (n+1) quadrangles. Let L2n be the strong prism of the dicyclobutadieno derivative of linear phenylenes Ln. By taking full advantage of the knowleges about the normalized Laplacian spectra, we induce the explicit expressions, with respect to the index n, of the multiplicative degree-Kirchhoff index and the number of spanning tree based on the graph L2n.
14 Sep 2021Submitted to International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
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