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Identification of putative drugs against viral respiratory infections by the pharmacovigilance analysis tool OpenVigil 2
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  • Ruwen Böhm,
  • Claudia Bulin,
  • Vicki Wätzig,
  • Ingolf Cascorbi,
  • Hans-Joachim Klein,
  • Thomas Herdegen
Ruwen Böhm
University Medicine Schleswig-Holstein
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Claudia Bulin
University Medicine Schleswig-Holstein
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Vicki Wätzig
University Medicine Schleswig-Holstein
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Ingolf Cascorbi
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein
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Hans-Joachim Klein
Kiel University
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Thomas Herdegen
University Medicine Schleswig-Holstein
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Aim: Pharmacovigilance data are primarily used to identify adverse drug reactions. However, scanning for associations of drugs and adverse events that occur less frequently than expected provides hypotheses for drug repurposing, i.e. a known drug could be therapeutically beneficial for a new indication like the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Methods: Drugs associated with viral respiratory tract infections and/or influenza were extracted from the U.S. FAERS pharmacovigilance data using OpenVigil2.1-MedDRA17, filtered for significant inverse associations (punadj<0.05), checked for plausibility, and categorised by their WHO Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification code. Results: ATC clustering of 82 candidate drugs revealed anti-diabetics, neuropharmacologic sigma-receptor agonists, peptidase inhibitors, kinase inhibitors and anti-androgens. Chloroquine appears as a statistically significant risk factor for viral diseases supporting actual knowledge. Conclusion: OpenVigil 2 delivers new hypotheses for drug repurposing, theoretically for all indications. There is affirmative data for some of our results; the remaining proposed candidate drugs without already known antiviral mechanism of action should stimulate further exploration.

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