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RGB1 regulates grain development and starch accumulation through transactivation of OsNF-YB1 on OsYUC11-mediated auxin biosynthesis
  • Dongping Zhang,
  • Minyan zhang,
  • Jiansheng Liang
Dongping Zhang
Southern University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:dpzhang@yzu.edu.cn

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Minyan zhang
Yangzhou University
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Jiansheng Liang
Southern University of Science and Technology
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RGB1, a subunit of heterotrimeric G protein, plays important roles in regulating grain size and weight of rice. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying controlling grain filling process by G protein are still largely unclear. In the present study, we show that, RGB1 controls not only the grain size, but the grain filling process. Knock-down of RGB1 significantly delayed grain development and reduced starch accumulation and grain weight, which was closely related to the delayed and lower expression of genes encoding sucrose metabolism and starch biosynthesis related enzymes during grain filling stage. Suppression of RGB1 expression also resulted in the lower auxin content in grains, which was correlated with the lower expression of OsNF-YB1 and OsYUC11 during grain filling stage. Further biochemical evidence showed that OsYUC11 expression was under control of OsNF-YB1 by its interaction with promoter of OsYUC11. Taken together, we propose that RGB1 controls rice grain development and grain filling process by changing auxin homeostasis in endosperm cells, and OsNF-YB1, which acts as a key downstream effector of RGB1, interacts directly with the promoter of OsYUC11 and promotes the transactivation of OsYUC11, thereby regulating auxin biosynthesis and starch accumulation and grain size.