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COVID-19's Effect on Regions Related to their Political Partisanship
  • Ryder Sousa
Ryder Sousa

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    Two prevention methods to help slow the spread of COVID-19 are wearing a mask and social distancing\cite{treatment}. Within today's climate in the United States it's hard for opinions to remain independent of politics, and masking up and social distancing are no different. There are multiple studies and articles I've seen that produce evidence of republicans being less-likely to follow mask or social distancing recommendations. Perhaps political affiliation doesn't play as big of a role in COVID-19 cases as certain overly-general statements make seem. In my very small sample of republican and democrat counties from different regions of the country, I found that the republican counties did not have significantly more COVID-19 counties. In fact, in the counties I looked at the republican counties tended to have less cases than the democrat ones.