Test for AdimenSUMO+

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This is a test for AdimenSUMO.

Remember that plants do not have brain!

Subsection Heading Here

Subsubsection Heading Here


Note that \label must occur AFTER (or within) \caption . For figures, \caption should occur after the \includegraphics . Note that IEEEtran v1.7 and later has special internal code that is designed to preserve the operation of \label within \caption even when the captionsoff option is in effect. However, because of issues like this, it may be the safest practice to put all your \label just after \caption rather than within \caption{} .

\label{fig:fig1} An example of a floating figure using the graphicx package.


An example of a floating table. Note that, for IEEE style tables, the \caption command should come BEFORE the table. Table text will default to \footnotesize as IEEE normally uses this smaller font for tables. The \label must come after \caption as always.

\label{tab:1} An Example of a Table
One Two
Three Four

Note that IEEE does not put floats in the very first column - or typically anywhere on the first page for that matter. Also, in-text middle (“here”) positioning is not used. Most IEEE journals/conferences use top floats exclusively. Note that, LaTeX2e, unlike IEEE journals/conferences, places footnotes above bottom floats. This can be corrected via the \fnbelowfloat command of the stfloats package.