Saddam Al Demour

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Abstract: Aim: Coronavirus disease-2019 is an emerging disease that is threatening the world with a rapid increase in cases and deaths since it was first identified in December 2019. Our study aimed to assess the knowledge, practice, and attitude toward COVID-19 among physicians in Jordan and Palestine. Method: This is a cross-sectional study using an online survey conducted in April, 2020. A 36-items survey was developed and invitations were sent to physicians in different health sectors using social media. Results: A total of 454 physicians participated in this study with a mean age 36.2  10.8 years. The mean score of basic knowledge was 4.4  0.8, and there were significant statistical differences between basic knowledge mean scores among physicians in different professional degrees and physicians in different health sectors (P=0.0315, P=0.0137 respectively). Participants showed appropriate practical measures toward COVID-19, where the mean scores of indications for PCR test, indications for home quarantine, self-protection measures, and measures if physician self-suspected of COVID-19 were 5.4  1.4, 5.0  1.0, 6.1  1.1, 9.9 1.1 respectively. The mean score of attitudes toward COVID-19 were 41.5  3.3 and significantly related to the age and different experience years (P=0.0022, P=0.0077 respectively). Conclusion: As the global threat of COVID-19 continues to emerge, it is critical to improve the knowledge, practice, and attitudes of physicians worldwide.