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anders drachen

Associate Professor

Joined May 2015

Anders Drachen, Ph.D. is a veteran Data Scientist, Game Analytics consultant at The Pagonis Network, and also currently serves as Associate Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark). His work in the game industry as well as in data and game science is focused on game analytics, business intelligence for games, monetization, data mining, game user experience, industry economics, business development and game user research. His research and professional work is carried out in collaboration with companies spanning the industry. He writes about analytics and data science on His writings can also be found on the pages of trade publications such as Game Developer Magazine and His research has been covered by international media, including Wired, Kotaku, Joystiq and Forbes. He worked formerly for Game Analytics as Lead Analyst ( For a recent interview, see: He is one of the most published scientists worldwide on game analytics, virtual economics, user research, game data mining, and user profiling, having authored >80 research publications on these topics. He is also editor of “Game Analytics – Maximizing the Value of Player Data”, a compendium of insights from more than 50 top experts in industry and research. He is a former member of the board of the IGDA SIG on Game User Research.




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