March 09, 2024
Association Between Proactive Esophageal Cooling and Increased Lab Throughput
William Zagrodzky, Julie Cooper, Christopher Joseph, et al.
November 10, 2023
Reduced Post-Ablation Chest Pain with Active Esophageal Cooling
William Zagrodzky, Allison Small, Christopher Joseph, et al.
March 18, 2021
Additional data on protection of the esophagus during catheter ablation of atrial fib...
Brad Clark and Erik Kulstad
February 28, 2021
Further mechanistic evidence against luminal esophageal temperature monitoring?
James Daniels and Erik Kulstad
May 21, 2020
Letter to the Editor regarding the paper “Comparative study of strategies to prevent...
Shailee Shah, Marcela Mercado Montoya, Jason Zagrodzky, et al.