Patterns, an efficient way to analyse the p-mode frequency content in rapidly rotating stars.


The objective of this work is to apply the recent techniques used with the pulsating spectrum of A-F stars [REFS] to study non-pertubative rotating models (SCF) [REFS] and  targets. The techniques are the Fourier transform (FT, from now), the autocorrelation function (ACF, from now), the histogram of frequency differences (HFD, from now), and the Echelle diagram (ED, from now). We are looking for the best procedure to obtain a reliable mode identification.


Here, the intro. Yes, I propose here to include a relation of the papers we have published on this topic, including the last accepted one. Then, we should also mention the works by Lignières and Reese that are more related (e.g. those mentioning the periodic patterns predicted by non-perturbative theory)