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Efficiency of Linear Programming, Integer Programming and Minimal Spanning Tree for Network Model
  • Laxminarayan Das
Delhi Technological University

Corresponding Author:sanyam_phd2k18@dtu.ac.in

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Laxminarayan Das
Delhi Technological University Department of Applied Mathematics
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The problem of finding minimal spanning tree is a famous combinatorial optimization problem for which polynomial time algorithms exits. The problem of finding minimal spanning tree appears in different engineering and service applications, particularly in designing computers, telecommunication, transportation and water supply network. In addition it has a number of computational applications such as clustering a data point in a plane, handwriting recognition and providing approximate solution for the travelling salesman problem. Some recent applications include cell nuclei segmentation, Alzheimer's classification, water looped network equilibrium and characterizing local urban patterns. In this article we are finding minimal path of a network problem by converting that problem in linear programming and integer programming using TORA and MATLAB. We also find the minimal spanning tree using these computer software and check that which one is more efficient and less time consuming.