Yuping Yuan

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Background: As the COVID-19 became a world wild infectious emergency, most of patients are cured and discharged. However, some patients are re-admitted due to re-fever, or the PCR test re-positive. To find out whether it is necessary to take them re-admitted, especially the asymptomatic patients, we summarize and analyze the clinical and treatment characteristics of patients with “re-admission” of COVID-19 during twice hospitalizations. Methods: 141 cases with COVID-19 admitted to Wenzhou Central Hospital from January 17, 2020 to March 5, were followed up until March 30. There were 12 patients re-admitted. Data were collected, including clinical records,lab indexes,CT and treatment strategy. The differences were analyzed. Results: Most patients had good results. Totally 12 (8.5%) were re-admitted. 1 (8.3%) had fever,high WBC and progressive CT changes,1 had increased transaminase; the PCR re-tests of these two patients were negative. Another 10 patients were admitted due to PCR test positive, 7 of which were clinical asymptomatic. Compared with 1st discharging, CT imaging of all was significantly improved. All re-admissions did not need oxygen inhalation or mechanical ventilation. Conclusions: The prognosis of patients re-admitted were good, and no serious cases. Staying at home or concentrated medical observation, is a safe and feasible method, if the patient has a positive PCR test and the clinical symptoms are not serious. During medical observation, patients with underlying diseases should be focused on, and most do not need to be re-admitted.