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Wasabi: an integrated platform for evolutionary sequence analysis and data visualisation
  • Andres Veidenberg,
  • Alan Medlar,
  • Ari Löytynoja
Andres Veidenberg

Corresponding Author:andresveidenberg@gmail.com

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Alan Medlar
Ari Löytynoja


Wasabi is an open source, web-based environment for evolutionary sequence analysis. Wasabi visualises sequence data together with a phylogenetic tree within a modern, user-friendly interface: the interface hides extraneous options, supports context sensitive menus, drag-and-drop editing and displays additional information, such as ancestral sequences, associated with specific tree nodes. The Wasabi environment supports reproducibility by automatically storing intermediate analysis steps and includes built–in functions to share data between users and publish analysis results. For computational analysis, Wasabi supports PRANK and PAGAN for phylogeny–aware alignment and alignment extension, and it can be easily extended with other tools. Along with drag-and-drop import of local files, Wasabi can access remote data via URL and import sequence data, GeneTrees and EPO alignments directly from Ensembl. To demonstrate a typical workflow using Wasabi, we reproduce key findings from recent comparative genomics studies, including a reanalysis of the EGLN1 gene from the tiger genome study: these case studies can be browsed within Wasabi at http://was.bi?id=usecases. Wasabi runs inside a web browser and does not require any installation. One can start using it at http://wasabiapp.org. All source code is licensed under the GPLv3.