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Expert in: Geo Hazards, Atmospheric Physics, Space Research, GIS, Data Assimila- tion, Medical Physics. He has the distinction of being the Editor for Springer Verlag, a scientic book series being prepared for the publication called: "Physics of Earth and Space Environment".Beginning in 2001 Rodolfo Guzzi served at the Italian Space Agency, initially as head of Earth Observations and from 2008 until 1 September 2009 as Inspector General. In 2002 he was nominated Emeritus Lifetime of the Optical Society of America.He was one of the principal founders of the group known as GEO (Group of Earth Observation). His expertise and interests lie in Radiative Transfer Forward and Inverse Models in atmosphere. His models include simple and multiple scattering studies in aerosols, clouds and trace gases. He is also experienced in the eld of atmospheric spectroscopy and has published more than 150 reports and articles, including 9 books, on this subject. In 1983 he founded the Institute in Geophysical and Enviroment Methodologies of the National Council of Research CNR and served in the capacity of Director until 1994. From 1984 to 1988 Rodolfo Guzzi had the honour of being asked to serve as Di- rector of scientic courses in Climatology and related disciplines of Solar and Wind Energy, Remote Sensing at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Trieste under the leadership of its General Director, Nobel Prize Winner Professor Abdus Salam.

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