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Post-Viral Olfactory Loss: A Survey of One Hundred and Twenty Patient Experiences
  • Carl Philpott,
  • James Boardman,
  • Duncan Boak
Carl Philpott
University of East Anglia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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James Boardman
Fifth Sense
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Duncan Boak
Fifth Sense
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1. The age range of patients responding to the survey was 28-85 with a mean of 58\(\pm\)12 years with the duration of their disorder less than 5 years in 63% of cases.
2. Patients experience variable treatment, if at all, for post-viral olfactory loss
3. If treatment is given oral and/or intranasal steroids are typically given.
4. Several patients reported receiving imaging despite this not being clinically useful when there is a clear history and normal examination.
5. Over two thirds of patients experience parosmia and up to 5 years of the onset of the problem were still actively seeking a solution.