March 31, 2022
Title : Recurrent syncope late after permanent pacemaker implantation - What is the m...
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March 31, 2022
An unusual cause for inappropriate defibrillator shock.
Debabrata Bera, Ayan Kar, Biswajit Majumder, et al.
November 19, 2021
Paradoxical response during a Para-Hisian pacing in a case with fasciculo-ventricular...
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October 01, 2020
Pitfalls and Nuances of Parahisian pacing: A revisit through an interesting case.
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August 17, 2020
Interesting changeover from short VA to long VA tachycardia with single atrial premat...
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April 20, 2020
Long VA tachycardia after slow pathway modification for slow-fast atrioventricular no...
Debabrata Bera, Ayan Kar, Radhey Shyam Joshi, et al.