IntroductionThe Covid-19 pandemic is posing a major worldwide problem, although at various levels in the different States.   Although Covid-19 in most cases develops benevolently and fearfully or asymptomatically, however it can present different percentages of serious complications, especially in elderly, defed or chronically ill subjects, with need of hospitalization and intensive care. Since Sars-CoV-2 is characterized by marked infectivity and a high percentage of serious complications (on average 3.6%), there has been a rapid spread, with logarithmic growth also of cases with serious complications, so that the Healthcare Systems have been subjected to high pressure, not always well sustainable. Therefore, in an attempt to contain the exponential growth of the virosis, various degrees of isolation and/or social distancing measures have been implemented in almost all States, with the closure of educational, economic, commercial and social activities (lockdown ), albeit with different timing and different intensity and duration.This has, however, led to a particularly remarkable, almost deflagrating social and economic impact.For example in Italy from 20.02.2020 in about a month the following were detected:  - stock market losses of 30%; - drop in the price of the barrel of crude oil by about 50%; - 6% decrease in GDP and subsequent reduction of 0.75% for each week of additive lock-down; - loss of about 2 million jobs, with unemployment rising to 11% of the potentially active population.1    Considering that similar, albeit different, data are found in all the other affected States and that they depend on the lockdownstrategies applied, it is understandable, that this viral spread containment strategy, although useful in an initial initial phase, cannot be sustained for too long.1   Therefore, it follows the need to propose infection containment strategies, which are reconcilable with a reduction of thelockdown , pending the development of a decisive vaccination campaign. In this perspective, we must be open to new perspectives in the preventive field, just as new perspectives are being evaluated in the therapeutic field.